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I have created two multimedia exhibitions about living on the land; Children of the Land  and Women of the Land and I hope to create more. After all, I still haven’t captured our men yet and they are worth capturing!

I am revamping Children of the Land  but Women of the Land is crated and for hire by negotiation of conditions. Please contact me if you would like to know more about this exhibition.

Children of the Land

This exhibition was produced in 2004 and although it is still complete and beautiful, it needs updating, which I hope to do in the future.

Women of the Land

Women of the Land was produced to show the many roles and challenges that women on stations across Australia experience. This multimedia exhibition has a title board, 20 photographs on canvas, 8 story boards and a DVD. From teaching their own kids through School of the Air, to helping in the paddock or dressing up to drive a few hours to an event, this exhibition celebrates what is a truly unique and rewarding lifestyle.

Please be patient until I can complete this page, or alternatively feel free to contact me via the contact form for more information.