About Me

Growing up in Melbourne, I caught trams to school, joined the surf life-saving club and partied at nightclubs in the city. When I met and married my husband, I moved to the cattle station where I now live, two hours from the nearest town in Western Queensland. I learned a great deal about outback life and was blessed to witness the amazing people of the land through eyes from another world. I also have three children whom I still watch with fascination as their upbringing and environment shapes them into the next generation of men and women of the land.

My experiences have placed me in a unique position of understanding two completely different worlds that exist in Australia. I have become aware of how misunderstood life on the land is but I have also witnessed how deep the bush culture still runs within the Australian psyche. I believe the outback way of life still beats in the collective Australian heart and it has become my passion to document and celebrate this wonderful part of our culture through my art form as a photographer and writer; to foster understanding, acceptance and pride.

I have taken many photographs and can nearly always be seen with a camera in my hand. So far I have produced two exhibitions Children of the Land and Women of the Land, both created to showcase the unique lives of people who live and work on the land.  I especially thrive on including as many people as I can in my projects and my most recent celebration of the Australian outback way of life is the coffee table book, Bush Kids. As the book says, these kids reflect our heritage and promise our future; they will be feeding us.

As time goes on, I hope to continue producing material that invites people into this part of Australia’s culture – a part that is hard to experience, but a part that we as a nation should all be knowledgeable about and proud of.