Photo Art

Photo Art

Photo Jill Radel. From the book Bush Kids

Photo Netta Robertson. From the book Bush Kids

Photo Sonya Greenup. From the book Bush Kids

Photos from the Outback

From the Exhibition Women of the Land

Bush Kids

Capturing the spirit of Australia’s outback station kids; they represent our heritage and promise our future.


I have created two multimedia exhibitions about living on the land; Children of the Land and Women of the Land and I hope to create more.


View the Photo Gallery of some of the images I have captured from the land and afar.

Sharing the beat of Australia’s heart

Photography, Writing, Exhibitions

Thank you for visiting this website. I called the website THIS Farmer’s Wife because there are so many different farming and grazing enterprises in Australia that I can’t claim to know about them all. However, most things I photograph and write about touch the hearts and minds of those from all over rural and remote Australia.

When Australia was first colonised and for a long time afterward, we were a nation entwined with agriculture. Everyone understood and knew to some extent, the life of people on the land. Unfortunately, as our nation has grown, so too has the divide between city and country. It is almost as if we have lost touch with our heritage. Life in the Australian outback is not well understood and it is hard for many to experience or even find accurate information on. However, the bush culture is still etched deeply within the Australian psyche. Drizabones, akubras and iconic characters in famous poems of long ago… these originated and still exist in the bush today, yet all Australians claim them as part of who we are as a nation.

I believe the outback still beats in the collective Australian heart and it has become my passion to document, celebrate and help re-connect city and country through my art form as a photographer and writer. This slice of Australia’s culture is hard to experience, but it is a slice that we as a nation should all be knowledgeable about and proud of.

This website is still under development, but I hope to improve all the areas as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience as it gets better and better!


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